Save Time, Close Sales with These Two Words


As I pointed out in last week’s post, most salespeople fail to close sales because they focus on the wrong point when presenting their product or service to a prospect. The problem is focusing on your product, then trying to find Continue reading “Save Time, Close Sales with These Two Words”

Special Labor Day Bonus Post

Two topics that I focus on here at this blog are the importance of careful, deliberate thinking and the power of the human mind to lift anyone from ordinary to extraordinary.

I felt rather vindicated by this simple proof Continue reading “Special Labor Day Bonus Post”

The Salesperson’s Biggest Problem

Man with Problem

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in sales meetings and trainings for selling new products. It seems that the most talked about points are product features and benefits, and how to overcome a prospect’s objections. The problem with that approach is that Continue reading “The Salesperson’s Biggest Problem”

Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake

sneaky snake

Yesterday, I was on my riding lawn mower cutting grass. When I got near the mulch around a hickory tree, near an azalea bush, I saw it; a copperhead snake.

Copperheads are sneaky snakes. They camouflage very well and if you get too close, they bite and inject you with a poisonous venom. I don’t like that.

There we were, staring at each other… Continue reading “Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake”