Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake

sneaky snake

Yesterday, I was on my riding lawn mower cutting grass. When I got near the mulch around a hickory tree, near an azalea bush, I saw it; a copperhead snake.

Copperheads are sneaky snakes. They camouflage very well and if you get too close, they bite and inject you with a poisonous venom. I don’t like that.

There we were, staring at each other… Continue reading “Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake”

How to Be Secure In Your Financial Future

Can’t we agree that everyone starts life with equal potential? Yet theĀ baby-caucasian-child-daughter-53590amazing fact is that 95% of them will end up broke in old age. They will not be able to live the dream they dreamed of throughout their years of toil.

The problem is that those 95% of people just Continue reading “How to Be Secure In Your Financial Future”