Save Time, Close Sales with These Two Words


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Special Labor Day Bonus Post

Two topics that I focus on here at this blog are the importance of careful, deliberate thinking and the power of the human mind to lift anyone from ordinary to extraordinary.

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The Salesperson’s Biggest Problem

Man with Problem

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Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake

sneaky snake

Yesterday, I was on my riding lawn mower cutting grass. When I got near the mulch around a hickory tree, near an azalea bush, I saw it; a copperhead snake.

Copperheads are sneaky snakes. They camouflage very well and if you get too close, they bite and inject you with a poisonous venom. I don’t like that.

There we were, staring at each other… Continue reading “Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake”

How to Be Secure In Your Financial Future

Can’t we agree that everyone starts life with equal potential? Yet the baby-caucasian-child-daughter-53590amazing fact is that 95% of them will end up broke in old age. They will not be able to live the dream they dreamed of throughout their years of toil.

The problem is that those 95% of people just Continue reading “How to Be Secure In Your Financial Future”

What is The World’s Most Wonderful Freebie?


Most people are quick to jump on an offer of something that is given away for free. At the same time, that same group of “most people” place very little value on things that come so easily. That can be a grave mistake. I believe that every freebie that is offered should be carefully evaluated, because some of them are extremely valuable. Continue reading “What is The World’s Most Wonderful Freebie?”

1Easy Step to Help You Feel Better


Barefoot woman in lake


Do you ever experience tiredness or fatigue for no good reason? Maybe you have frequent unexplained sicknesses or have days when you are just out of balance.

If you experience any of these things, it could be simply because you are out of balance with your physical environment, and nature. And there is a simple way to improve that balance.

something almost no one sees

The problem may be so simple that it is mind blowing. We live in an electrified environment, inside buildings with electrically charged wires running everywhere through the walls and above the ceiling, as well as through every electrical appliance that is plugged in to an outlet.

According to this video and article by Dr. Mercola, the exposure to all that electricity actually charges our bodies with electricity; and that interferes with the body’s own electrical system that operates the systems within our bodies.

Dr. Mercola says that this interference with our body’s electrical system, increases stress, adversely affects the immune system, interferes with sleep and many other things that cause us to feeling funky, if not directly to health issues that require treatment, due to a malfunctioning immune system.

the unexpected kicker

It came as a surprise to me, but the video explained that this voltage to our bodies is doubled when we are sleeping. I would have thought that it would be higher during the day when we are exposed to fluorescent lights and operating appliances. However the video explains that the nighttime increase is caused by our closer proximity to electrical wiring in the walls of our homes.

why we get over-charged

The problem of over charging our bodies with electricity arises because we are insulated from the earth. When we are inside a building, or even wearing shoes with rubber or plastic soles, we are insulated from the earth. Being insulated from the earth allows our bodies to accept a positive charge from the many electrical sources around us, but our bodies are designed to have the same negative charge that the earth has on its surface.

there is a free & simple solution

This simple, free solution is to spend some time outside each day, barefoot, and with your feet on the ground. This allows some time for the electrons from the earth to come into your body and dissipate the electrical charge that is interfering with your body’s functions. It brings your body into the same “electrical potential as the earth,” according to Dr. Mercola.

other more “civilized” options

Although Dr. Mercola says that about a half hour a day of going barefoot on the ground will load your body with electrons, which are nature’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory remedy, there are times when going outside might not be the best plan.

For those times, or for when you want more grounding, you can also buy sleeping mats, sheets and even bracelets that will ground you via a properly wired grounded (3 hole) electrical outlet in your home.

literally takes no time

For my grounding, I get barefooted and go outside and walk around my yard for a few minutes, then I get a book and a chair and sit in the shade and read for awhile.

Dr. Mercola talks about 30 minute sessions, but sometimes I sit there with my bare feet on the ground for an hour or more. The time could also be used profitably by listening to a podcast, or watching a video on your tablet or smart phone. This is so free that it doesn’t even take any time away from your work or life. Just go earthing/grounding when you do a stationary activity, or when walking for exercise.


Whether you are a leader, a small business owner, a stay at home mom, assembly line worker or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, you need for your body to function with its proper rhythms in order to have the energy and stamina it takes to:

  • Make good decisions
  • Maintain focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Not be grumpy
  • Tolerate surprises
  • Work diligently/effectively
  • Have sound judgement
  • Feel excited about life and what you do

Having a properly functioning body makes it much easier to have high confidence, to feel like you have a grip on life and its activities, to feel content and to be a congenial person whom others like to spend time with.





Come on, Let’s Bust a Myth…and Solve a Problem


Have you ever worked to succeed at something and just as you are about to  bring it all together, something happens; just as you reach for the reward, it moves, or just seems to evaporate?

Have you ever recognized an opportunity, seized it, worked hard on it and then done something that messed it up? Don’t feel alone or different. I’ve been there, done that, and there wasn’t even a T shirt; just frustration and disappointment.

the myth we need to bust

Here is the myth. After experiencing a situation that has gone wrong, like I illustrated above, we react naturally and examine what we “did wrong” so we can fix it and move on to succeed. That makes sense and is quite noble. It sometimes works, but seldom actually delivers the fullness of results that are possible and desired.

The manifestation of the problem of missing the mark is assumed to be in what we did. Very few of us ask this question: “What caused me to do what I did that messed things up?” We need to know where the problem action(s) came from.

the fruit reveals the root

The problem is just the fruit, or a symptom. That result (fruit/symptom) that caused the problem originated in our thinking…wrong thinking.

Gritting our teeth and struggling to change our thinking is widely thought be a good thing, but it doesn’t do the job very well and leaves a lot to be desired.

The problem that caused the problem goes deeper than just our thoughts…it’s in our programming. Our programming comes from the influencers and influences that we have experienced in our lives. These influences include the people we listen to, our environment, music, media, entertainment; virtually everything we are exposed to.

how it all plays out in our lives

We are always thinking, 24/7, either conscientiously or sub conscientiously, and we are thinking about the things that come into our minds.

The influences that come into your mind that are not conscientiously rejected, those ideas that are accepted as “fact”, as “just the way things are” set limits in our minds concerning who we are, what we can do, and what we deserve. These are false limitations and are a part of what Zig Ziglar used to call “Stinkin’ thinking'”.

So, we have these false predetermined limits that cause us to believe things like “I can’t”, “I’m not good at ____”, “I belong in the poor community”, “My parents always struggled, so that is my destiny”, “Work is supposed to be boring, frustrating and painful”.

It is your beliefs about yourself that determine your destination, or results, in any endeavor. You will always go where your beliefs take you.

Can you see now, that the problem that shows on the surface is only a symptom of the real problem? Our beliefs about ourselves are the self-imposed root of the problem. Our human tendencies cause us to cling fast to our beliefs, we then obey them as a slave obeys his master and sabotage our own efforts. That keeps on proving the truth of our beliefs.

In other words, if we don’t believe that we can advance, even though we make a valiant outward effort, we sabotage our own effort with our own thinking to support the truthfulness of our beliefs, and we never seem to be able to break out of the cycle.

how can we break out of the cycle?

We have seen that the things we allow to influence us teach us what to think about ourselves. That being the case, doesn’t it make sense that if we change what we allow to influence us, we will also change what we believe about ourselves? I have proven this in my own life, and it is what has made the great people we look up to great.

If you would like to improve your life, try examining the influences that have shaped your thinking from childhood to the present. It is certain that you will be able to see that your present situation in each of the seven areas of life correlate directly to the beliefs those influences have given you.

If you have a good marriage and family situation, you will find it is because you had positive influences that gave you a positive belief that you could have, and deserved, to have a good marriage. If you think you deserve to be rich, you probably are, if you think you are not creative, you probably are not.

overcoming limiting influences

The influences of the past have accumulated over the years to help you form the beliefs you have about yourself today. Just as those influences developed you into the person you are today, you can deliberately change the influences and influencers you submit to and change your beliefs about yourself. You can move higher in every area of life.

Nothing that is really worth having comes easily, or cheaply. Believing that you deserve to and can do anything you dream of is something worth having. Until you have the belief, you won’t have the goods.

“All things are possible to him who believes” – Jesus Christ

Changing your beliefs about yourself and your worthiness won’t be completed overnight, but it can start right now, this very minute, if you will simply choose to be influenced by influencers who/which will take you where you want to go.

You can start reading worthwhile, inspiring books with just the click of your mouse, you can stop soaking up entertainment that focuses on where you don’t want to go right now. You can imagine and dream about the positive changes you want to experience right now. All these simple steps will help you to begin to change what you believe about yourself and what you deserve.


The myth is that the mistake that directly caused any breakdown is the reason the problem occurred, when actually the mistake was caused by self limiting beliefs that you sub conscientiously felt needed to be validated. The problem is in the belief, not the action that the belief caused.

If you change what you allow to influence you, you will change what you believe about yourself and you will stop sabotaging your own best efforts to advance, if you choose influencers that are where you want to be.

“If you hear a voice within say that you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

What you believe about yourself is the root of the problem and it is the beginning of the solution. You must get over self limiting beliefs in order to advance.

Discussion Question: Have you taken recent action to expose yourself to positive influences that can improve what you believe about yourself?