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The purpose of my work here is to encourage and strengthen leaders and those who have been touched by cancer.

The site is divided into sections, represented by topics in the menu, to allow you to quickly access the information that is important to you. I respect your time and want you to be able to get the information you need and want quickly and efficiently.

the adventure you’re invited to

This site is brand new. I am building it on a concept I recently learned from Chris Guillebeau, through his book the $100 Startup. I am following the plan he suggests in that book; a plan that has worked for the many people he showcased in the book.

I am inviting you to follow along with me as I embark on this adventure, with the goal of starting an internet business by sharing my leadership expertise and knowledge of cancer treatment and prevention. This approach is designed to be an object lesson that leads you along with me, step by step, as I come out of retirement and start a business to help you and others like you become more effective leaders at home, socially and in business. Feel free to copy the model, by plugging in your product, service or information.

This will show you that you don’t have to have everything in perfect order before you begin, and that getting started is more important than the security of (supposedly) having everything perfected first, which usually becomes an excuse to lose sight of your goal and to not succeed in bringing your own great idea to the marketplace, where you’ll be rewarded for your service to others.

If this idea is one that appeals to you, you are welcome to hop on board and join me for the ride. Subscribe to the site with the sign up form in the sidebar and you’ll be notified via email whenever I post something new. I’ll also keep you updated on new developments as they occur. Not to worry, I won’t bombard you with emails. When my emails have information you can use, you’ll know by the subject line. If and when I send a solicitation, you will know that by the subject line also, so you only have to open the emails that interest you.

Through my 50 years of leadership experience I have learned some things that I think will be encouraging to you. Here are a few of them:

Although a leader must be skilled in his field and surrounding fields, he or she doesn’t have to know everything. It’s usually better if you don’t
Everyone is a leader at some level
Leadership is influence; influencing others to cooperate
The ability to lead effectively will propel you ahead of your peers
Old leaders can (and should) learn “new tricks.” I don’t mean that we trick people. That’s just an old saying

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You can also use the comments below to tell me what your important leadership interests or concerns are. What topics should I cover that will help you immediately?

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