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Do you ever experience tiredness or fatigue for no good reason? Maybe you have frequent unexplained sicknesses or have days when you are just out of balance.

If you experience any of these things, it could be simply because you are out of balance with your physical environment, and nature. And there is a simple way to improve that balance.

something almost no one sees

The problem may be so simple that it is mind blowing. We live in an electrified environment, inside buildings with electrically charged wires running everywhere through the walls and above the ceiling, as well as through every electrical appliance that is plugged in to an outlet.

According to this video and article by Dr. Mercola, the exposure to all that electricity actually charges our bodies with electricity; and that interferes with the body’s own electrical system that operates the systems within our bodies.

Dr. Mercola says that this interference with our body’s electrical system, increases stress, adversely affects the immune system, interferes with sleep and many other things that cause us to feeling funky, if not directly to health issues that require treatment, due to a malfunctioning immune system.

the unexpected kicker

It came as a surprise to me, but the video explained that this voltage to our bodies is doubled when we are sleeping. I would have thought that it would be higher during the day when we are exposed to fluorescent lights and operating appliances. However the video explains that the nighttime increase is caused by our closer proximity to electrical wiring in the walls of our homes.

why we get over-charged

The problem of over charging our bodies with electricity arises because we are insulated from the earth. When we are inside a building, or even wearing shoes with rubber or plastic soles, we are insulated from the earth. Being insulated from the earth allows our bodies to accept a positive charge from the many electrical sources around us, but our bodies are designed to have the same negative charge that the earth has on its surface.

there is a free & simple solution

This simple, free solution is to spend some time outside each day, barefoot, and with your feet on the ground. This allows some time for the electrons from the earth to come into your body and dissipate the electrical charge that is interfering with your body’s functions. It brings your body into the same “electrical potential as the earth,” according to Dr. Mercola.

other more “civilized” options

Although Dr. Mercola says that about a half hour a day of going barefoot on the ground will load your body with electrons, which are nature’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory remedy, there are times when going outside might not be the best plan.

For those times, or for when you want more grounding, you can also buy sleeping mats, sheets and even bracelets that will ground you via a properly wired grounded (3 hole) electrical outlet in your home.

literally takes no time

For my grounding, I get barefooted and go outside and walk around my yard for a few minutes, then I get a book and a chair and sit in the shade and read for awhile.

Dr. Mercola talks about 30 minute sessions, but sometimes I sit there with my bare feet on the ground for an hour or more. The time could also be used profitably by listening to a podcast, or watching a video on your tablet or smart phone. This is so free that it doesn’t even take any time away from your work or life. Just go earthing/grounding when you do a stationary activity, or when walking for exercise.


Whether you are a leader, a small business owner, a stay at home mom, assembly line worker or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, you need for your body to function with its proper rhythms in order to have the energy and stamina it takes to:

  • Make good decisions
  • Maintain focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Not be grumpy
  • Tolerate surprises
  • Work diligently/effectively
  • Have sound judgement
  • Feel excited about life and what you do

Having a properly functioning body makes it much easier to have high confidence, to feel like you have a grip on life and its activities, to feel content and to be a congenial person whom others like to spend time with.





2 thoughts on “1Easy Step to Help You Feel Better”

  1. Very interesting, Bob. I think I’ve heard something like this before.

    Explains why I hate shoes (and maybe pants for that matter). 🙂 I always groan and whine when sundress and flip-flop season comes to an end – and I drag it out to the very end.

    One more reason to figure out how to spend my winters somewhere warm!

    1. Yep, I understand, Holly. Cold weather curtails my earthing when the temps drop below about 35. When it’s that cold, I keep moving, then read when I come inside. I know 35 is like a heat wave for you all up north.
      Just to be sure, flip flops will insulate you. Earthing must be done barefoot, or sitting or lying on the ground…if you want the totally free version.

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