Special Labor Day Bonus Post

Two topics that I focus on here at this blog are the importance of careful, deliberate thinking and the power of the human mind to lift anyone from ordinary to extraordinary.

I felt rather vindicated by this simple proof that originated with Doc Vincil on Facebook, and came to me through my friend Robert Olson. I thought my readers would find it interesting and even become more convinced of the power of the human mind.

Misspelled Reading

Were you able to read it? Did this fun little experience teach you anything?

Please let me know in the comments.

H A P P Y  L B O A R  D A Y !

1 thought on “Special Labor Day Bonus Post”

  1. I could read it! I wonder if it’s only 55 out of 100. I wonder if you could read it if English wasn’t your first language. I would love to research this if I had time some day. It’s interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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