A Cure for Cancer


James P. Allison, PhD

A scientist, named James P. (Jim) Allison has created a cure for cancer, according to this report on National Public Radio’s program All Things
 The link to the report on NPR’s site is in the next paragraph, where you can listen to or read the story. 

Since I am battling a growing cancer tumor in my bladder, I found this very exciting. I don’t want to give this a chance to fade from memory without sharing it, so I am sharing this part now for the hope and hopefully benefit of others who may be fighting cancer.  Here is the link to NPR’s story.

I will be following up on this, and will report what I learn, right here on this blog. If cancer is a concern to you, be sure to subscribe to this blog and you will be notified by email of new posts.

Question: Do you have any encouraging news about cancer to share?

I have experienced serious internal cancer three times in my life. My purpose is to be of service, so if you have a question or comment, please share in the comments.

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