About You and Me


It givescropped-cropped-BC-BSAuthor-1.jpg me great pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you by sharing some of the many things I’ve learned over a long lifetime.

My major focus is to share my knowledge and insights into the amazing leadership opportunities that lie before us all.

Technology has seriously disrupted the way we do things. In the end that is proving to be a really good, challenging and exciting thing.

That disruption has also presented many opportunities for those who recognize them, seize them, and anchor their knowledge of the new in the timeless values that almost everyone still appreciates. Everyone still wants to be accepted, loved, respected, to have friends and to make enough money to avoid being distracted by a lack of it. That is what we will discuss here; how to influence people to cooperate with you and how to keep them motivated to be more and do more.

Teaching is my passion. Having been a teacher in the Marine Corps and the Army National Guard for most of my working life, I have the experience necessary to transfer the knowledge, understanding and wisdom I have gained to others. As you will see as you explore this site, I have had some remarkable experiences, and I have a lot of unusual stories to tell that I will share with you, as time passes.

I work from the premise that every human being is remarkable in his or her own way. My job and serious responsibility is to lead my readers to find their own remarkability and to exploit it for their own benefit, and for the benefit of those around them, and the world at large.

Whether you understand it yet, or not, you have the God-given power, uniqueness and talent to make a BIG mark for the betterment of the world.

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