Accomplishment and a Copperhead Snake

sneaky snake

Yesterday, I was on my riding lawn mower cutting grass. When I got near the mulch around a hickory tree, near an azalea bush, I saw it; a copperhead snake.

Copperheads are sneaky snakes. They camouflage very well and if you get too close, they bite and inject you with a poisonous venom. I don’t like that.

There we were, staring at each other…then I got in the pursuit mode. I took careful aim and lunged the mower forward, trying to pin its head with the front wheel. The snake eluded me, and after several attempts to pursue and eliminate the snake, it slithered off and away from my property.

That event reminded me of a quote by the great business philosopher, Jim Rohn, which Darren Hardy echoed in his book, The Compound Effect.

“Success is not something you pursue; it is something that you attract.” – Jim Rohn

“What you pursue will elude you” – Darren Hardy

Getting It Backwards

Most people set a goal, then lay a plan of what they must do to accomplish it. They have put the cart before the horse. They have a plan of pursuit in operation when they really need a plan of attraction.

It is true that an action plan is necessary, but it comes after the attraction plan. And the action plan will be different when you are dealing with a willing client, spouse or future spouse, who is attracted to you.

Pursuit Is Ineffective

When you pursue something, or someone, its natural reaction is to avoid being “caught.” Conversely, when you are attractive to another person, or thing, they willingly come to you (things naturally come to you through people).

What all this means is that, as Jim and Darren teach, you must BE before you can GET – Be attractive, then get what you want.

Who and What Are You?

That is a question that you must answer for yourself. In order to answer that question, you will do well to analyze your good and bad habits, and attitude towards the people and things in your life.

Consider the attributes of who or what you want to attract, and set your mind to develop attitudes and habits that will attract that which you want to attract.

A Helpful, Inspiring Resource

In his youth, Louis Zamperini was a troublesome kid who pursued what he wanted, and failed to get the fulfillment he desired. Then, with some guidance from his brother he started to become an attractive person, and then he attracted success in every area of his endeavor. Louis is the hero from the movie and #1 bestselling book UnbrokenLouis accomplished things that most of us only dream about.

The insightful, exciting and inspirational book he wrote called Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In – Lessons From An Extraordinary Life reveals in detail how Mr. Zamperini changed his thinking, then his approach, and how the good people and things he wanted in his life were attracted to him. He died a happy, satisfied man. He left a legacy of grace, compassion and helpfulness…and they made a movie about his life.

Once you become attractive to the people and things you wish to attract into your life, and make yourself visible, your view and methods of pursuit will be forever changed, for the better.

Set your goal(s), become a person who is attractive to that goal, make yourself visible and available. Interact with the people who can help you realize the goal’s accomplishment, in an attractive way.



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  1. Great message, Bob. Be the type of person that gets what you want. I think sometimes the two go hand in hand – being and pursuing. Often it takes the pursuit to help us understand what we must become. It’s a lifelong journey of trying to be better each day. A very important message indeed. Thanks for the reminder.

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