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As I promised on my Home page, I will use this category to keep you updated on how things are going, as I start this business, using Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.

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Things have been hopping’ for me as I begin completely empty handed to start this business. In a nut shell, here’s what has happened so far.

I have decided to stop opening every email from folks who say they can guide me through the process, but have decided to follow two people who are far ahead of me and have successful internet businesses.

Those two people are Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller. As I have evaluated their offerings via free stuff they provide I have decided that they can actually deliver what they promise, are stable and can help me move ahead quickly and in an orderly fashion.

I joined Michael Hyatt’s Platform University and through that channel, I met Dan Miller.

At this time I have no products to sell, and one must have something to sell in order to elevate a pastime into a business. The first two videos that I received for joining Platform University gave me the encouragement and primed my creative pump to get me started creating a product.

I am, at present, working on an Ebook titled The Extraordinary Power of Paper, which will be my first product. I have not yet decided whether to use it as a gift for subscribing to my site, or if I should just sell it.

Simultaneously, I am developing a weekly newsletter that will give subscribers free weekly leadership tips to help them refine their efforts in leadership.

Knowing Why Brings Clarity

It is important to take certain steps in leading people, including yourself, and it’s equally important to be able to state why you do what you do; so here’s my “why” on following Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller.

Michael’s specialty is helping people build their platform that is the basis of their business, including how to go about getting followers and ultimately customers. His methods are sound, being grounded in his vast previous business experience and his experience in becoming an influence on the internet. Michael is offering what I need, his pricing is more than fair, is affordable for any budget, so I am all in with his Platform University. That’s why I chose to follow Michael Hyatt.

Dan’s expertise is in product development and marketing those products. This man is a whiz at his game, his thinking is simple and unconventional. Dan teaches how to get a product developed and for sale in the market very quickly. He cuts right to the chase on what is necessary and what is not. Dan’s help has instantly made it easy for me to de-clutter my brain and get cracking on product production. That’s why I chose to follow Dan.

My Suggestion:

Identify what your needs are, and then choose only one or two people to listen to for instruction on how to get a business up and running quickly. Find people who will help you keep it simple.

I also suggest that you realize that you are not going to be an overnight success until after you have put in some time and effort, fallen down, gotten back on your feet and continued the race. Just relax, follow someone who will lead you on a straight, direct path, do what they say and you’ll hit pay dirt much faster than you will by trying to figure it out on your own.

Other Activities

In addition to joining Platform University, I have also signed up to attend Dan Miller’s Innovate 48 conference in Franklin, TN on May 25-26. Dan’s fee for this conference is what I consider a steal of a deal, compared to what most people charge for similar events. I believe the quality will be superior, so I am going, if the good Lord is willin’ and the creek don’t rise. This conference is cutting deep into my $1,000 start up budget, but I think it’ll be worth every penny.

At Dan’s conference I expect to meet other people with whom I can forge partnerships for things like swapping services for our mutual benefit, in addition to learning a lot of hot stuff in the classes.


I have read Michael Hyatt’s newest book Living Forward -A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want. My most practical take away from this book was the use of the detailed scheduling spread sheet that is offered via the book. That spreadsheet has enabled me to focus on what to do, when to do it and to avoid things that distract like no other scheduling device I have ever used. This laser focus through effective scheduling has helped me really get more done, and has relieved me of a lot of stress. With it, I am relaxed and effective.

On a Personal Note

I am, at this moment, starting this business by working 4-5 hours per day, I am fighting bladder cancer naturally on my own, against my doctor’s advice, I am painting my house and maintaining my 2 acre property. I take a two hour lunch and nap break every day.

As I said, success doesn’t come quickly, until after you have toiled for awhile, but with the schedule I am working now, I am seeing some progress every day that is carefully designed to lead me to my destination of having a thriving internet business. When that happens, people will say “He wasn’t here yesterday and now he’s an overnight success.” Yeah.

That’s my update in a nutshell for now. I hope it helps you in your struggles.

Oh, one last thing: I am not on the payrolls of Michael Hyatt or Dan Miller. I just recommend what I use that I find helpful. I am just sharing information about them to help you help yourself.


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