What is The World’s Most Wonderful Freebie?


Most people are quick to jump on an offer of something that is given away for free. At the same time, that same group of “most people” place very little value on things that come so easily. That can be a grave mistake. I believe that every freebie that is offered should be carefully evaluated, because some of them are extremely valuable.

Ninety five percent or more of the people of the world who receive the greatest freebie of all make the mistake of dismissing, or not exploiting the extreme value of that freebie.

The freebie that I am talking about is your brain! Think about it for a moment, or  even for a long time. Even a minor investment of time and thoughtful reflection on this topic can bring amazing benefits such as increased confidence, endurance and even fulfillment in life (success). I wonder what a deliberate, concentrated and sustained investment here would bring.

Scientists estimate that most people only use about five percent of the power of their brains. These estimates vary among scientists, but all their estimations are very close to the five percent mark.

As I reflect on the marvels that we have available today in every day life, and when I consider that most people are only using about five percent of their thinking power, it boggles my mind to think of the marvels that have not yet been invented that would be if most people were using just ten percent of their brains.

backwards reality

Most people take their brains for granted…after all it was free. It came to us in the absence of work, sweat or tears. So it is virtually ignored. So many people run around like robots, just doing what everyone else is doing, which frequently includes thinking and doing things that are destructive to our well being.

On the other hand, most people put an excessive amount of effort into making money and acquiring the things that money can buy. They will fight tooth and nail to get those things and to keep them. Homes, cars, luxuries. You know the drill.

The sad part is the number of people who torture themselves (no one is doing it to them) by working jobs they hate, living through a dull, boring daily grind to get those things which they consider to be important. What is that number? About ninety five percent of the population!

What a travesty! With the obvious exception of those who are born with defects, all of us start out at birth with the same potential. Yet scientific research shows that only about five percent who reach the age of 65 are leading successful lives. That is the result of most people just doing what everyone else is doing…and not thinking for themselves.

Here we are, each having a brain that came at no cost, as standard equipment. It has limitless potential. It is irreplaceable. Each person has only one. That makes it rare, and its rareness makes it extremely valuable.

The paradox is that most of us have more than one dollar. Our dollars are replaceable. Most of us have more than one thing we care deeply about; things that are also replaceable. Mess it up and you can just get another one, yet we spend our time and energy acquiring and protecting the common everyday items that appeal to us, while neglecting and often even abusing the one most valuable resource we will ever have, our brains.

Why don’t we spend more time deliberately developing and benefitting from our brains, which are the source of our ability to do those things we value so highly?

If we were talking about gold mining, it would be as if we were scrounging for the flakes near the surface while ignoring the mother lode!

think of the possibilities

Each of us gets only one brain, and it must last a lifetime.

If the use of five percent of that brain can create the world we live in today, what are the possibilities if some of us used six percent? How about pen-idea-bulb-paperseven? Even at the five percent usage level, what if we were to take control and direct our brain’s energy towards creating our lives to be what we really want? The possibilities are endless.

Here’s the problem

After early childhood, most people are indoctrinated to think like others think they should think. Social acceptance becomes more important than living a fulfilling life.

The blind are leading the blind and the result is that ninety five percent of people get old, are financially dependent on others, and live their golden years without the gold it takes to finish their lives in the style they anticipated when they joined the workforce.

here’s the solution

In response to a reporter’s question many years ago in London about what is wrong with men today, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Sweitzer replied, “Men (people) simply don’t think.”

The solution to that problem is obvious…just think. Think about how others have accomplished dreams similar to yours, and think about how you can create a plan to follow the five percent who actually make it in life. Follow the five percent of achievers, not the ninety five percent of mediocre people.

Jesus Christ said “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Jesus also said that if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing shall be impossible to you. WOW!

immediate application

Think something up…let your imagination soar
Teach yourself to believe that you can do it
Create a plan by which you will do it
Write down the dream and the plan
Take a small step or two on your plan every day
Start NOW

Question:  Are you in the ninety five percent who are just floating along with everyone else? If so, what small step can you take today to increase your thinking and move you towards the five percent of high achievers?

If you think there can be more to life than your present experience and would like me to discuss your situation with you, just send me the form below and I will respond to you personally, for free, with no cost or obligation.



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